18th century instrument to determine the sky’s ‘blueness’ called a Cyanometer: 

The simple device was invented in 1789 by Swiss physicist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt who used the circular array of 53 shaded sections in experiments above the skies over Geneva, Chamonix and Mont Blanc. 

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Despite all my rage I am still holding cats on a page

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I don’t know exactly why it’s so funny but this makes me laugh until my stomach HURTS

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stain on my skin 2014


Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist Susan McLeary creates exquisite pieces of one-of-a-kind living jewelry using small succulent plants mounted on bronze bases. Each piece can be worn for 3-4 weeks, after which the plants may be gently removed from their bases and planted in a pot or garden.

Visit the PassionflowerToWear Etsy shop to view more of McLeary’s beautiful botanical jewelry.

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"Strange Plants"  a collection in honor of plants in contemporary art 

Edited by Zio Baritaux and featuring 25 different artists


St. James’(s) Park tube station, having an identity crisis. The current spelling is St. James’s, but I found at least one sign with the alternate version.

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